What is a Registered Psychologist?

A registered psychologist in South Africa is a psychologist who is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

All of the practicing psychologists are required to complete the HPCSA criteria for their registration category, this includes: a relevant Master’s degree and passing the ethics board exam of the HPCSA.

In South Africa, there are several types of registered psychologists, including educational-, clinical-, counseling-. research-, and neuropsychologists. Each of these psychologists has a field in which they specialize.

What is an Educational Psychologist and what do they do?

Within professional psychology, educational psychology is a category that focuses on facilitating the emotional, social, academic, intellectual, learning, behavioural, and developmental challenges that children and adolescents are facing within the systems where they function, like their families, friends, school, etc. By doing this, educational psychologists offer extensive support and psychological services to any role-player who may support clients’ optimal functioning.

This may include family-based intervention, teacher support, and learning support. The educational psychologist can offer knowledge and skills about learning and developmental challenges across the lifetime of the specific individual.

An educational psychologist is involved with the learning and development of children and students. Many factors can have an impact on how children or students learn and develop, such as trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, difficult relationships, family discord, barriers to learning, etc. These concerns can be addressed through either therapy or assessment. 

Will my medical aid cover the costs of consultations?

Services rendered by Educational Psychologists are covered by most medical aids however, it remains the client’s responsibility to follow up with their medical aids, as all medical schemes offer different covers.

How long will therapy last?

Each person’s process is unique, so each person’s therapeutic process will be different. The therapeutic process is not fixed and therefore can’t be limited to a specific time. Normally it takes a minimum of six weekly sessions. It can be more or less depending on the individual’s needs.

What are your rates?

For more information regarding the rates for the various psychometric assessments and consultations, please contact me.

This practice uses rates that are in line with the recommended medical aid scale of benefits. After your payment (by EFT, card facility, cash), before or on the day of your appointment, you can claim back directly from your medical aid.

What is your cancellation policy?

To cancel or reschedule, kindly give a 24-hour notice to avoid being charged.

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