Helga Uys Educational Psychologist in George

About Me


I am an educational psychologist with a private practice in George, Western Cape.

My career started as a qualified foundation phase teacher. I continued my studies as a teacher and received a postgraduate certificate in education with learning difficulties as speciality. I later joined a charity organization which provided services to schools with regards to scholastic (student supporting) and emotional problems. I also gave my support to parents and teachers and taught study method courses to individuals as well as groups of children.

I completed my Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology through UNISA, opened the doors of “Helga Uys Practice”, and became part of a multidisciplinary team: “Therapy Connect”. The team consists of occupational therapists, speech therapists, a pediatrician, dieticians, and a counseling psychologist.


About Me



MEd School (Guidance and Counselling), UNISA


Hons BEd (School Guidance and Counselling), UNISA


Advanced Certificate in Education (Learning Difficulties), UNISA


Educational Kinesiology, Edu-K of South Africa


Higher Education Diploma (Junior Primary), POTCHEFSTROOM


Award in Literacy and Dyslexia

Helga helping girl

About Me


My motto is to live and let live. I believe in the individuality of each person and that each person should be given a chance and opportunity for happiness. I believe that we are not put on this earth, for ourselves, but are placed here for each other, to be attentive to each other’s needs knowing that God will provide enough for us to be able to share.

About Me


My experience mainly consists of supporting children with scholastic and emotional problems.

My area of ​​specialization has evolved into learning difficulties (reading-, spelling-, writing- and math difficulties) as well as concentration problems.

My field of specialty is children who experience school stress- whatever the reason may be. I like to get to know every child as an individual, to find solutions and take the necessary steps, and finally to suggest what enables each child to perform according to his/her ability. 

Study methods and -techniques have been part of my career for many years. I teach unique study methods and -skills to children, individuals, and groups.

Girl playing with dol house
Boy playing with educational toys

I like to integrate the “Neethling Brain Instruments” personality analysis (for all ages) in therapy to improve relationship challenges.

My training as an “Evergreen Parenting” facilitator helps me to understand every child as an individual and I like to use these unique and special methods during parent guidance sessions.

One of my many methods is art therapy where I use art and music during my sessions with children.

Helga Uys Practice has a ‘digital-testing option’- which is often more accessible and convenient for children in our current world.

Being part of a specialised, multi-disciplinary team like Therapy Connect, it is possible to look after every child holistically. (It takes a village to raise a child)

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